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Horticultural Solid State Volumetric Lighting

There is a humbling complexity to nature. Trying to understand and draw out its inherent magnificence into technologies that advance the state of the art is not easy. But it is our passion.

We are a sundry group. Our backgrounds vary from technology, electronics, physics, biology and manufacturing process. We are passionate do-it-yourselfers, fixers, farmers, scouts, musicians, artisans who understand that in nature and science our role is to learn, apply what we learn, and then stand back and say ‘wow’ at the beauty and complexity (yet too, the simplicity) of what we uncover.

Solid State Volumetric Lighting Technology has changed the lighting game. It provides beautiful omni-directional, uniform light – similar to an incandescent bulb, at a fraction of the power. But it also allows light to be generated in the specific wavelengths most needed to stimulate healthy and efficient plant growth. This breakthrough has allowed us to move from the discussion of physics (what wavelengths can we create) to biology (what SHOULD we create). We conducted research, worked with universities, read countless studies, tested, argued, adjusted, retested and repeated until we landed on the TotalGrow light spectra.

And we are far from done.

Unlike the $55 billion worth of grow lights hanging around the world today that generate light optimized for human vision, we have the ability to custom-tailor light spectra based on the science and physics of solid state volumetric technology to give plants and animals what they need most. We continue to innovate in areas of plants, fish, poultry, livestock and others.

Our products are solid-state, so we don't rely on heavy-metal neurotoxins (like mercury) to create light. Instead, they are long-lasting, energy efficient and create the most effective light possible for stimulating growth and morphological changes. There is and will likely always be a healthy dose of wonderment to our art, but our commitment is simple: TotalGrow.

TotalGrow, the TotalGrow brand, and SSVL are wholly-owned brands of Venntis Technologies.

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TotalGrow SSVL Light Technology Driving Broad Grow Spectrum Lighting, with Hydroponic Lettuce Production Shown

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