TotalGrow Broad Grow Spectrum Light Fixture


Broad Grow Spectrum Light Fixture

TG15A-1003 Fixture (143W)

TotalGrow Broad Grow Spectrum Light LED Fixture Growing Greenhouse Lettuce

MSRP: $599

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Applications: Commercial greenhouses, home gardens, nurseries, hydroponics centers, arboretums, schools, universities and research institutes.

40-70% Energy Savings Compared to HPS

(See OSU Test Results)

TotalGrow™ lights are inspired by how plants really absorb and use light.

Broad Grow Spectrum Solid State Volumetric Lighting Technology Optics

Solid State Volumetric Lighting (SSVL), a next generation light emitting diode technology, allows TotalGrow™ to use as little energy as possible to generate uniform light in the broad wavelengths plants need most for quick and healthy growth.

TotalGrow Broad Grow Spectrum Photonic Distribution
  • Versatile source of growing power for either sunlight supplementation or sole source lighting.
  • Improve growth efficiencies with high-quality light at your ideal intensity, precisely where needed.
  • Custom-tailored full spectrum that is exceptional for plant growth and pleasant to human eyes.
  • Low maintenance and long lifetime with no toxic heavy metals, neurotoxins or moving parts.
Brief Specifications
Model TG15A-0x TG15A-1x
Power Consumption 143W 143W
Input Voltage 100-120VAC 100-277VAC
Service Life 50,000 hours 50,000 hours
Weight 16 lbs. 16 lbs.
Safety Listing UL UL
Rating Damp Damp
Warranty 5 years 5 years

TotalGrow TG15A Manual TotalGrow Broad Grow Spectrum Light LED Fixture Brochure PDF Icon
Owners Manual Brochure WVU Test Report
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Usage Guidelines Specifications OSU ATI Study
PDF Icon PDF Icon TG15A UL Certification
Mud Lake Study Walters Study
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What Customers Say...

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Lettuce: Improved Yields & Power Savings
“We were very pleased with the results. Not only did the TotalGrow light out perform the HPS by 10%, but it did so using far less energy.  This fall, we invested in enough lights to fill a greenhouse. We fully intend to switch over all our greenhouses over the next few years. For us, TotalGrow lights last longer and use less energy and give better yields- it just makes sense.”
Steve Van Haitsma
Owner, Mud Lake Farm

Bedding Plants: Faster Rooting
“We discovered that we can drastically reduce rooting times with TotalGrow™ Night & Day Management Lights for fuchsia, petunia, calibrachoa, verbena, bacopa and other crops – as little as 1/3 of the time compared to even high intensity HPS lighting with up to 98% power savings! We are also amazed by the coverage uniformity, utility savings and electrical infrastructure savings.”
Terry Foster
Grower, Micandy Gardens

University Tests: Healthier Plants & Savings
“All plants we have tested (petunia, basil, and tomato) looked healthier under your TotalGrow™ lighting and used far less energy than the competing light sources.”
Youyoun Moon, Ph.D.
Professor of Horticulture, West Virginia University

Hops Propagation: More Cycle Turns
“We found that installing the TotalGrow light system has improved our plant quality and sped up our operations, which allows us to do more cycle turns and expand our business without putting up more greenhouse space.”
Lynn Kemme
Owner, Great Lakes Hops

Wave Petunias: Improved Flowering Times
“We have been extremely pleased with our Night & Day Management Lights. In addition to improving growth speeds and flowering times of our wave petunias, the uniformity of coverage, durability, and lower utility and installation costs of the lights are excellent.”
Greg Nowak
Owner, Stan Ouding Bedding Plants

University Tests: More with Less
“TotalGrow™ lights demonstrated the potential for drastic energy savings over HPS lights while producing crops of equal or better quality in our bedding plant testing. With 20% less PAR light intensity, our primrose plugs grew over 33% wider and taller with better green pigmentation than HPS.”
Robert McMahon, Ph.D.
Horticultural Technologies Professor Emeritus,
Ohio State ATI

Tomatoes: Bigger & Faster
“Our TotalGrow™ light fixtures have made it possible for us to grow larger, healthier tomatoes in significantly less time.”
David Allen
Business Manager, Peckham Farms

Boom Lighting: Efficient & Reliable
“The Night & Day bulbs are the perfect boom lights. I no longer waste time replacing burnt out bulbs or worrying about when a light failure will delay my production. The plants look great, and the costs are tiny for the area covered! I like knowing that all of the energy from the TotalGrow bulbs goes into the light plants need most, not wasted for human eye light.”
Scott Gruppen
Production Manager, Meadowridge, Inc.

Herbs & Microgreens: Faster Cycles
“TotalGrow™ Broad Grow Spectrum Light bulbs, or the 'magic bulbs' as I call them, have allowed me to grow extremely high quality herbs and microgreens in my basement without any sunlight at all. I have experienced a faster grow cycle with these bulbs and have none of the problems that I had with the fluorescent bulbs I used in the past. These lights have allowed me to expand my business beyond my original customers and support some larger demand customers.”
Christy Kaledas
Restaurant Gardener, Black Pearl Restaurant

Medicinal Plants: Lower Costs & Better Product
“The TotalGrow™ lights have the absolute best light spectrum and are very economical to use. They are low on electricity, very low. They are low wattage to begin with, but also don’t create the heat of HPS, so I don’t have to add as much humidity and do not need to pull heat out of the growing area. Both lower my overall cost and hassle. Stalks are fatter, leaves are healthier and all of that just leads to better medicinal product.”
Robert McClanahan
Owner, The Rainbow Makers

Broad Grow Spectrum Lighting

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