What TotalGrow Customers Say...
“We were very pleased with the results. Not only did the TotalGrow light out perform the HPS by 10%, but it did so using far less energy.  This fall, we invested in enough lights to fill a greenhouse. We fully intend to switch over all our greenhouses over the next few years. For us, TotalGrow lights last longer and use less energy and give better yields- it just makes sense.”
- Steve Van Haitsma
Mud Lake Farms
Hudsonville, MI

“We found that installing the TotalGrow light system has improved our plant quality and sped up our operations, which allows us to do more cycle turns and expand our business without putting up more greenhouse space.”
- Lynn Kemme
Owner, Great Lakes Hops
Zeeland, MI
TotalGrow lights deliver a high quality light spectrum for optimal plant growth using Solid State Volumetric Lighting (SSVL), a next generation light emitting diode technology. Using as little energy as possible, TotalGrow lights blanket plants with amazingly uniform light in the wavelengths plants need most for quick and healthy growth, making it an ideal solution for commercial greenhouses, plant factories, and hydroponic facilities.

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